From Yemen to the Word

We strive to provide the best products at the lowest prices.

Who we are.

We are an integrated group working around the clock young men and women from Yemen.

Our Location.

We are located in Germany, the state of Schleswig-Holstein, and we ship within Germany and all countries of the European Union

We offer :

  • Fast shipping, within 2-3 days the order will be received
  •  Available 24 hours on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp

We provide:

All Yemeni products, including décor, clothes, perfumes and more, and every period we provide new and desired ones.

We also provide various products of the highest quality from The United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Morocco.

What we care about most is the customer satisfaction and we help him to choose the most suitable request for his need, whether in oriental perfumes, incense, or Yemeni products, according to individual taste and requirements.