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Chastity For Women

24.99 Inkl. MwSt
A fragrance that epitomizes a striking new image of a fresh young woman that matches the essence of purity.

Arba Wardat concentrated Perfume أربع وردات مركز

35.00 Inkl. MwSt
Perfume oil Arba Wardat by Rasasi - Feminine, fresh, floral, white musk, slightly woody;

Faqat Lil Rijal فقط للرجال

35.00 Inkl. MwSt
The captivating men's fragrance Rasasi Faqat Lil Rijal symbolizes the desire to be original and experience a never-ending adventure. It also represents a man who is a real gentleman and looks boldly and fearlessly at the world, yet with love and refinement.

Hatem حاتم

25.00 Inkl. MwSt
Hatem Ruh Al Mughamarah, EDP - 75 ML

AL Wisam Evening edp الوسام مسائي

47.00 Inkl. MwSt
A sophisticated masculine fragrance lets your confidence shine, promising to leave an everlasting impression. The perfume pays tribute to the underlying spirit of the modern man. An epitome of strength and vitality, this darkly rich sensuous fragrance will energize your senses and propel you to achieve greater heights of success

Shuhrah by Rasasi – Women – Eau De Parfum شهرة للنساء

35.00 Inkl. MwSt
Shuhrah Pour Femme, EDP – 90 ML Shuhrah for women blends notes of rose, freesia, bergamot, lily of valley, grey

Daarej Eau De Parfum 100ml دراج نسائي

27.00 Inkl. MwSt
When you smell it for the first time, the irresistible scent of Rasasi Daarej will captivate you with its delicate essences of sweet juicy raspberries which are later complemented with intoxicating notes of engaging saffron and sensual thyme.

Arba Wardat Perfume أربع وردات

38.00 Inkl. MwSt
Perfume oil Arba Wardat by Rasasi - Feminine, fresh, floral, white musk, slightly woody;

Egra for Women اغراء للنساء

29.99 Inkl. MwSt
Egra for women” magnifies provocation by unfolding the ability of seduction of the wearer, who then effortlessly entice. The glass bottle with a simple architecture, adorned with red stripes represents love, passion & desire, which are main traits of it. The bottle is presented in an intensely red outer package.

Egra for Men اغراء للرجال

27.00 Inkl. MwSt
It is born from the passion of excellence and intended for the true connoisseurs of luxury – men who appreciate sheer exclusivity & style.A richly seductive & very masculine aromatic fragrance revealing a fruity opening pairing Juniper Berry, Spruce and Violet leaves with a stimulating note of Grapefruit. The heart note is constituted with Fir Needle oil, Galbanum & Florentine Iris.

L’Incontournable Blue for Men 2

25.00 Inkl. MwSt
L'incontournable. Open up to an exquisite class & widen your aura leaving first impression with stunning new fragrance L'incontournable from Rasasi.